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Written by Roger   
Sunday, 25 June 2006

three way switch, wiring a four way switch, adding lights to an existing circuit
Wiring Help and More!

Wiring Help.  Answers to your Wiring Questions.

Welcome to wiring Your electrical wiring resource.

The site is coming together well and we have added several new electrical articles to help those interested in electrical wiring and networking.

In any type of trade safety is always paramount. has added a section on electrical safety. Please feel free to peruse the electrical safety section before endeavoring on any electrical jobs.

We have added new articles to "Electrical How To " section to help with things like wiring a three way switch, wiring a four way switch, adding lights to an existing circuit, and much more to help you tackle those electrical wiring jobs you've been putting off.

Of course if you don't know anything about electrical components you can visit our electrical components section and learn about circuit breakers, switch selection, or even get help choosing the right lighting for your kitchen. is all about helping you get the electrical information you need to make the wiring jobs safe and get them done efficiently. Enjoy and if you have any wiring questions please don't hesitate to send us an email with your electrical questions.  However for a much quicker response, I would recommend that you write you questions or comments in the  Community Forum, and allow our staff or other community members to answer. also has video tips about electrical wiring and electrical safety. Here is a sample video of the proper electrical tools you need to perform basic electrical wiring jobs around the house. looks forward to hearing from you soon.

wiring diagrams,electrical help, switch

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 July 2008 )